Personal Projects

Applitools Demo - A walk-through of how to use Applitools with Cucumber, Protractor, and Chai to verify the visual appearance of Angular apps. I’ve had good success using Applitools, and want to share what I have learned. My walk-through is a micro-course on how these tools can be used together to create an awesome verification testing setup, and my example repo demonstrates the result of that process.

Recent Professional Experience

QA / Test Lead for a Regulated Medical App - My team was responsible for verifying a data visualization portal, built using Angular. My role involved requirements analysis, test planning, tool qualification, test implementation, requirements coverage and traceability. We developed automated verification tests, automated visual tests (using Applitools), and wrote a few manual testing procedures.

Fleet Management Portal - I was part of a small team that developed a React app for tracking and optimizing the usage of heavy machinery across an entire fleet. See this overview for a lot more details.

Race Car Aerodynamic Modeling - I was part of a small team that developed an app to model the aerodynamic properties of a race car, such as downforce and drag. We were able to quickly turn around a solution that met our client’s goals, and helped them win! Built using C# and WPF. See this overview for a lot more details.